Hamsa Mounif

The young oriental singer Hamsa Mounif graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in 2015
Hamsa Mounif participated in many great events in Syria, and other countries.
Some of concerts which the artist Hamsa Mouif had participated in the Opera Haouse:
-    The concert of Hamsa Mounif and the string quartet on 27/10/2013.
-    The concert of Hamsa Mounif and the national orchestra of Syria, on 28/11/2015.
-    International woman day, the oriental singer Hamsa Mounif with the band of The Oriental female Takchet, on 7/3/2016.
-    Presenting the great singer Najah Slam, Hamsa Mounif with The Orechestra of Nazer Mouass, on 16/4/2016.
-    Many others.
And the oriental singer Hamsa Mounif had participated in many events outside Syria:
-    The Syrian culture week in Bagdad, in June 2013.
-    And lately the Holland festival, in June 2016, with many international artists, like Damon Albarn, a tore throw the important capital cities in Europe, By Africa Express.
-    And many athers.


The Syrian Artist Hamsa Mounif in the "The Winner Is"

The artist Hamsa Mounif retched to the third episode in the "The Winner Is" show

Hamsa Mounif from counting to the music dream

In 2010 Hamsa Mounif left her counting work, And followed her music dreams.

Hamsa Mounif in the culture syrian week in Bagdad

Hamsa Mounif said:

the orintal singing represinte the true fellings

Hamsa Mounif rise the voice of women

The Syrian woman takes her part in forming the Civilization, from Ishtar to our times.

International Women's Day With the Golden sound of Hamsa Mounif

The Syrian woman deserve to last, to anounce her patent and her love.

Opera House and Hamsa Mounif give the art legent Njah Slam a Special presenting

Hamsa Mounif : Just standing with one of the last legents of art like Najah Salam, make my dreams became true.

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